Gong show

Holy crap.

That's probably the most apt statement I can make right now:

Holy crap.

Mixed in with the mundane of the last week have been two nights that were just complete gong shows. There was last Thursday, when Ron, Hannah, Lauren, Chris and I went to see LCD Soundsystem, and then there was last night, which was not expected to be special in any way.

The plan was to hit a 280 bar (everything on the menu is 280 yen) before hitting up the show, but they were all packed, so instead we went to yakiniku and got some yummy grilled meat and 200 yen beers. After that were a couple convenie beers in Triangle Park before heading into the show. On the stairs into the show, I had half a weed cookie, and damn I missed that taste.

The show wasn't really my scene, but that didn't really matter much. It turned out to be more house music than I expected (read: all house music). Also, the night started out a lot slower than expected. I sort of planned on more Triangle Park beers before going into the show (show started at 10PM, I wasn't expecting to go in til about 11:30, but we went in at about 10:45), so there was no one in the show when we went in. Crazy bit was that just after we went into the show, Ron spotted James Murphy (aka LCD Soundsystem) and went over to talk to him, because Ron was in on the guest list for writing a bit for some website. We wandered around the club for a bit, had more drinks, ended up talking to James Murphy's girl and DJ Shitrobot's girl for a while.

Skip forward a while, and a lot of alcohol, to about 1AM. (It should be noted that I don't remember the music at all and last night is still beating me, so I've got to switch to the short version of this story.) Ron and I each popped half a tab of E (first time for me, but I didn't feel anything.) Danced with Lauren for a while (that girl always looks so much better when I've been drinking.) Got a random txt from Ron that he got LSD from someone (it's amazing how often people just give that boy drugs.) Wandered up to the VIP lounge, which is really nice, and stole some alcohol. Then wandered back up there with a bunch of people and took more booze. So things get a bit spaced out by this point.

Near the end of the night Lauren was off making out with some Japanese dude, Chris was getting shot down by the girl he was chatting up all night, and so we all took off at about 4AM (all, cept Lauren that is, and adding in some dude named Will who was trying (badly) to get Hannah.) We went to Zerro. I was wasted as hell, and yet Will decided that he had to prove that he could out drink me in order to get with Hannah. So, he bought me a shot, and the bartender accidentally poured two pints of Guinness which he said we could have if we pounded them. I wasn't really up on the idea, but Will started drinking (read: pouring half the drink down his shirt) and it was a sad sight, so I pounded the beer (started after him, finished before.) After that, Will decided he had to pick an easier target I guess, so he tried buying Chris a shot, but Chris wasn't having it, so of course I drank it.

We decided to leave at about 5:30 or so. Will was stupidly wasted. I didn't see it happen, but I was told later that at one point Will swore at Hannah, and Ron grabbed him and pushed him back up against a wall and told him off for a sec. Will got pissed that we were all going home and he got rowdy. I remember getting pissed and pushing him, and I remember talking him down from an obscenity laced rant. He switched from pissed to happy in a couple seconds.

After that there was Maccers for sausage McMuffins and home.

Last night started out as a simple night going to Balabushkas after work for darts and beer. Went out with Ron, Hannah, Mike Stacey (aka York), and his roomie Hiram. Darts was full so we played some pool first, and I played one of the best games I've ever played. Then we moved onto darts and ran into Noah and Jeremiah. Played a bunch of darts, at some point James and his girl showed up and York and Hiram left (not connected.) At about 1:30 or so, we were about to leave, but when I went over to say goodbye to Noah and Jeremiah some Japanese dude decided that he had to buy me a drink because I'm a foreigner, so I grabbed Ron and we went back in. Ended up talking to some hairdresser dude, while the Japanese guy, Ryu (a plastic surgery consultant) was buying everyone drinks. So that was nice, then at about 3 or so, we (Ron, me, James and his girl) decided to go to Zerro (I love that place).

We got there and Ron and I got shots. This was one of the funniest experiences, because Ron and I were basically just telling the bartender what to put in the shots, making whatever we wanted and it only cost us 500 yen each for a shot that was one part 151 and one part Yaegermeister with a little cinnamon dashed on top. Blah blah for a while, and at about 4:30 or so, Ron and I were about to take off when a couple guys from Africa walked in. Ron started talking with them and the talkative one of the two (Moro) started buying us drinks (red wine). So, we ended up staying and drinking with Moro and his friend/cousin? for a while. We finally got up and left, but then Moro and his friend ending up leaving with us and Moro (who had fallen in love with me after I professed my love of asses,) decided we had to go to another club. It was called Heaven. There was a likelihood that it was filled with Russian escorts, but goddamn were they sexy as hell. Moro is the greatest man alive. He just grabbed me and some Japanese girl and threw us together. After failing to communicate and dancing a bit, I wandered off and found Ron. We were both wasted as hell and in no position to make a run at a room of ridiculously hot women (again, possibly escorts.) So we decided to leave. Moro made us promise to call him (and I'm sure we will.)

On the way out (I didn't see it,) Ron got sucker-punched by some drunk Japanese dude. Barely a punch really, but there was some yelling and breaking up a possible fight. Ron kept trying to go back, and I was ready to back him up, but damn what a stupid situation. And somehow, it ended up with the dude hugging Ron a lot. Two drunk people who were way more pissed than need be and their friends holding them back while agreeing with each other that it was just drunkenness. Never really been the one to break up a fight before, or the one to be ready to fight, but it was all there last night. Fucking crazy.

Didn't get home til like 7:30 this morning, and slept til 3. And I really hoped to sleep on the bus to Tokyo tonight. Yep, I'm heading to Tokyo tonight. 4 days and 3 nights with very little money in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not to mention that a lot of the cool places (parks, gardens, Castle, etc.) are closed for the New Years holiday. Closed only for the exact days that we are going to be there. Annoying.

Anyway, I gotta get ready for the trip.