Went to the Osaka Aquarium today with Hannah and Sara (liverpoolers, both.) It was a super sweet place. Unfortunately, my camera died about 3 pics after I finally realized how to trick it into taking good photos of stuff in the tanks (all it took was my cell phone and the spot light meter.)

We also went on the giant ferris wheel that is next to the aquarium. That was amazing. It's one of the biggest in the world. The moon was a deep red tonight too, that was a bit creepy (although, I've just learned that apparently what I saw was a lunar eclipse. Sweet.) Another sweet thing about the ferris wheel is that it is actually used to forcast the next day's weather. Tonight the wheel was green, meaning tomorrow will be a cloudy day, and since there were no sparkles in the wheel, it will be cloudy all day.

I'm already planning to go back to both spots, so I can get more pics. Of course, I don't have a computer, so I can't post any of the pics anyway. You'll all just have to wait until January to see it all.