Wasting time

I have so much to say, but I can't seem to make my fingers move. I can see how getting a computer is also a very very bad thing for me. When I have a computer, I can find ways to procrastinate, no matter what. I've already seen myself fall out of the habit of writing to people and updating this journal. Before I got the computer, I had a time limit and I had to get certain things done. Now, I can just keep putting things off more and more. I've been watching my inbox fill up with messages that I keep meaning to respond to. I watch, detached, as I fall back into the habit of writing posts, and stories in my head and never typing them out.

Earlier today (somewhere around 8 hours ago,) I started composing a post about how this country really is so ridiculously cash based. I had always heard that this was a cash based society, but it has amazed me just how true that is. I was thinking about it because the Apple store was the only place with a competent credit card system set up. I went to a computer store in the electronics district (Den Den town) and they had to use an old school manual card imprinter. In a store that sells computers, TVs, monitors, and other very expensive stuff. Then, today I went to the J-Mart to get some stuff and I wanted to use my card, so it took like 20 minutes for it all to get sorted out. Crazy shit.

I've still been writing at work, which is good, but I really need to start talking to people on my shift more. I need to make more friends who are on my schedule, so I'm not always hoping that the same people are gonna be doing something. It's just annoying, because the Multimedia Center isn't really designed to meet people. It's designed so you get to know the people who start training when you do and that's about it. The way it works is that every day is split into nine 40 minute periods with 10 or 15 minute breaks in between each lesson period. A lot of the time, you are constantly moving around from computer to computer every single lesson, so you're lucky to have the same people around you. And of course, I get extra screwed by being stuck in the non-english ghetto a lot of the time with the French and Italian teachers. (Although there is a French girl that I'm jonesing to talk to.) It's just a weird situation, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I also need to stop staying up so late. I've fallen back onto my schedule of staying up until 3 or 4 and sleeping til noon or later. I was happier being on the schedule of sleeping from midnight to eight or one to nine. Now, I find myself staying in bed for no reason, just because it's cozy and I don't have to be at work until late. Admittedly, I've been trying not to wander as much recently, because my right foot got so fucked up. I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sure it was a combo of new sneakers and walking all the damn time. So, I stayed off my feet for the most part of today, and my foot is feeling a lot better. Unfortunately, I'm feeling restless and a bit fuzzy from being in front of the computer all day.

The good news, computorilly is that I finally got my laptop all set up the way I want. I've got all the programs I need. I've got the dual-boot running with Vista. I cleaned up my Gigabeat, so I don't have tons of doubled up songs and albums and non-working video. It's a pretty sweet setup. And, I got myself halfway caught up with My Name is Earl (I fucking love Ethan Suplee.) And, I got myself all caught up with The Office. That was a trip right there. So much going on. I can't wait to get my hands on the episodes of Galactica that I've missed. Hoo boy.

Anyway, I do want to catch up on a couple of those e-mails in my inbox, so I'll leave this as is. I hope all you out there are doing well. (I'm considering adding y'all to my everyday speech. It's a damn good term, and shouldn't go to waste in the mouths of rednecks.)