tonight was such a wasteful gong-show.

we (lucas, chris, steve and i) went to a bar that we thought was a titty bar (because there are so few that will let whiteboys in, that we had to try) but it turned out to be far, far worse (and i'm not a fan of titty bars.) it was a bar where you had to pay 5500 yen (~$55) to get an hour of all you can drink (the most worth while for me) and you get to sit next to, and talk to a j-girl. i got lucky in that my j-girl was one of the hotter ones, but i got screwed in that she spoke zero english and i speak zero japanese. we tried to converse via my jap phrase book, but of course that got us nowhere. so basically, i drank for an hour while sitting next to a hot j-girl that i couldn't talk to at all (though i wanted to because she said she was a basketball fan.) that was all. no titties. no touching at all. just drinking, and sitting awkwardly next to a girl that i would've liked to talk to, but it just wasn't gonna happen.

fuck you, babel. maybe in Snow Crash world you were a good thing, but you are just a waste of my money.

at least i didn't end up with the uggo like Chris, or the fake show-off like Lucas.

this town is ridiculous. that's about all i can say. i can't believe we paid for that. at least we know enough to never do it again.