This update is due simply to the fact that I bought myself a laptop. For the first time in years, I own a brand spankin' new computer, and I don't have to worry about it being a piece of shit, because I didn't buy a Sony.

I bought a Mac. A Macbook actually. A sexy little black Macbook with a 2ghz dual core 2 processor and all sorts of other sweetness. I bought it because I wanted it. This is the first computer (that I haven't built myself) that I will be paying for with my own money. I still don't feel like an adult, but fuck it, being adult is highly overrated.

I had always planned on running a dual boot system, and I still will be, but I think the only thing I'm going to bother using Windows for is my MP3 player, which is completely anti-Mac (one of the reasons I bought it actually.)

Anyway, I now own a sweet laptop and I have internet access in my apartment. This comes together to mean that I will be much easier to contact (I've already got Skype,) and I will be in touch more often. And as an added bonus for me (and a major reason I bought this now instead of after Christmas,) I won't be going out and drinking as much, due to geekery, and that will save me quite a bit of money in the long run.

Yeah, I feel all sorts of warm and nerdy inside.