A rose is a Rose is a rose.

Wow, what a night. I didn't think they made Sundays like that in this country.

It all started pretty early. I skived off work early because I heard about this thing called "Reading Words" and so Ron and I wanted to meet some fellow writers from around here.

The event was held in a little art space/cafe called Vade Mecvm (in Latin it means "go with me", and apparently in English it is used to describe an indispensable object that you carry at all times.) It was a really cool little space that reminded me of similar placed I've been to in Montreal. The walls were white, and

There were photographs on the walls, and one Japanese woman had brought a couple paintings in for the event. There were two long tables each with a bowl (one metal, one glass) with a rose floating in water in the center. The tuna sandwich was amazing (it had cream cheese.)

The readings were (as always) hit or miss. One guy didn't know how to read poetry (and as such, I couldn't tell if he knew how to write it.) The organizer seemed okay at first, but soon became somewhat pretentious with his poetry. I fell in love with a tiny Japanese girl named Koiyumi (I think). She wasn't beautiful, not even really cute. It's nothing sexual. I just want to be able to hang out with her. I couldn't understand anything she read, but I loved the way she read it. I loved watching her small hands flip through her notebooks. I couldn't help but stare at her shoes (worn cons with silver sparkly laces) as she read. I couldn't understand anything, but I felt the movements and the flow. She was an amazing reader. And a pretty cool girl too. Apparently, she is a writer and musician. She plays the guitar and the cello. She only speaks a little English, but she's a lot of fun to talk to.

After the reading, Ron and I went back to Shinsaibashi (and from this point until we got to Zerro, it can be assumed that we had walking beers any time we were en route somewhere) to our favorite Balabushkas (free pool and darts) and found a few people there that we didn't really want to be hanging out with. I had a couple beers, we played a game of darts, we took off, and quickly decided that there would be no going home until morning. We wandered to the only open ATM in the area, then wandered back to Balabushkas (Ron feeling a little bad that we left without saying goodbye, and I was hoping to talk to the girl in the green scarf that had sat down just as we left.) No one was at Balabushkas.

Ron and I used this time to find Cafe Absinthe, which unfortunately had closed about 20 minutes before we found it. We wandered back towards Namba, checked the karaoke bar that people were supposedly in, found that empty too, and went to Zerro. Zerro was where the night really began.

Zerro was packed (almost all by westerners.) The girl in the green scarf (though she had taken it off) was there. A cool dude from work (Noah) was there. And, Anthony, the best bartender in the world, had gotten Czech absinthe (with the wormwood) specifically for Ron and I. We got Noah in on the absinthe and away we went (though I don't think anyone hallucinated all night.)

Ron started talking up a British/Australian/American? cutie (I can't remember any more.) I almost got roped into talking to a girl that I didn't want to, but luckily I got away. The whole night was a bit like walking in a mine field, trying to avoid the people that I didn't want to be bothered with. I was standing at the end of the bar when my green scarf cutie pie found me. Well, in reality, she was just trying to get a drink, but I called Anthony over for her and lit her cigarette (so happy about the impulse lighter buy from 15 minutes earlier) and we started talking. Her name is Rose. She is from Toronto, but she lived in Montreal and went to Concordia from 2002-2005 (I was there from 2003-2006). We talked for a while about Montreal (both of us missing it a lot, especially poutine,) and Japan and Nova and whatnot. This girl is awesome. Unfortunately, after that it was almost impossible to talk to her. She suddenly developed a skill for not being wherever I sat down. There were a couple more small interactions (including one small, but heartwarming (in a slightly sad way) in which she reminded my friend Noah that my name is Mike. I'm still amazed when people I meet remember my name.) In the end, I didn't even get her number, just a "we know the same people, so I'm sure we'll see each other" before she left.

I have no idea what time it was (I had 3 glasses of absinthe) when we (Ron, Noah, me, Jo (aka uninvited fat brit), and two other girls: the cutie pie Ron was working and her friend, names are gone now) left to find another bar. We got there and I had the unfortunate deal to be sitting next to Jo, while Ron was being blocked from his girl by her friend. Jo started asking me questions and I had no problem being completely honest with her (save for telling her that I thought she was annoying,) meaning that I pretty much called her fat and unattractive (as far as I remember.) We left that bar on the way for food, and somehow I got stuck talking to Jo's drunk ass mom and telling her that she had to try absinthe when she came to Japan. We got some okay burgers, talked about something, and then went our separate ways home.  Details fade with increased drunkenness.

I got home somewhere around 7AM. Kept a liter bottle of water next to me, which I drank while sleeping until 4PM.

All of a sudden, I have Canadian Rose running through my head. Not to mention the fact that if I do get this girl somehow, it will mean that I came all the way to Japan to get an Asian girl (I'm ballparking her as being Viet) from Canada, who actually lived in the same city as me for 2 years. Crazy shit. But in a way, it's nice to have a semi-possible crush again. Especially when I know for a fact that the girl speaks English.