I really want to do a photo post, but I absolutely hate iPhoto. After using Picasa, I cannot make the switch. iPhoto just flat out cannot compete with Picasa for ease of use, and intuitive control. I'm considering booting into Vista just so I can use Picasa, but then I would have to go through the hassle of installing anti-virus, and struggling with the very imprecise mouse input. I'll just wait for Fireworks to finish downloading. That'll make up the difference that I need.

In other news:

1) I am official. I got my official Japanese ID card today. So, that's pretty sweet.
2) I think that my foot problem was due more to how loose I wear my sneakers than anything else.
3) I had my first taste of absinthe the other day. It wasn't the real stuff with the wormwood (aka hallucinogen) in it, but it was pretty solid stuff. Had it not been for the pouring rain, Ron and I probably would have found Cafe Absinthe instead of settling for the bar we knew (and thus, no wormwood,) but had we not gone to Zerro, we wouldn't have talked to Anthony, the barkeep, and...
4) found out about 2 places in Amemura that legally sell shrooms over the counter. Word is that we can get enough to fuck up 3 people for about 5 hours each for 3800 yen ($38). So, that's been added to the future plans.
5) I fucking love takoyaki. It took me a long time to actually try it, but now that I have, I love it. Ron does not agree at all on this one (he spat it out about half a second after putting the first one in his mouth.) Oh well, more for me.

I needed to do a 5er list. It had been too long.

Okay, so I got 2 pics to post.

This is from the aquarium. Definitely one of the better shots I got because the lighting worked perfectly.

These are my Osaka boys from our night out in Kobe. There's me (obviously), Steve from Edmonton, Ron from London (Ontario), and my roommate Chris from San Fran.