Baby when i used to luv u
There's nothing that i wouldn't do,
I went thru the fire for u, and i'm not gonna play the fool
No i can't live this life, and i can't justify, and i can't make up my life
Cos i don't luv u
Not like i used to do

I don't really have time to post. Just wanted to mention that I took a trip with Ron, Chris, and Steve to Kobe last night. $13 round trip just to drink somewhere new. It was actually a pretty good night. I'm starting to figure out this darts thing.

Other than that, I'm loving John Legend again (see above lyrics). I can't wait to get my hands on his new disc.

And of course, my goals for "getting back to the basics". That's a half-win right now. I'm eating worse than I have in a while. Too much beer and fast food. But I've been making sure that I don't go to bed without writing at least a page of "What if..." story ideas each day. Now I just need to try writing a couple.