Today was a great day. It was the perfect day off. I didn't have anything to do, and it was amazing.

I got up around 1PM or so. I bummed around on the computer. Burned a DVD with the first 5 episodes of Doctor Who. Finally wandered out of my room around 2. Started reading The Sorceror's Stone. Cleaned my room. Got movies in the mail. Remembered to eat something around 6. Kept reading. Planned to watch Crash with my parents. Dad pulled a dad. Showered around 8:30. Read some more. Watched Born into Brothels with my parents. Finished the book. Watched Harold and Kumar and now I'm on the special features.

That is a solid day of doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. I feel good.

And tomorrow, I'm going to do it all again, except I'll watch different movies and read book 2 of Harry Potter. If the weather is nice (as it should be) I'll probably do some much procrastinated bike practice, then, as an added bonus, I think I'll make a phonecall and see how someone's birthday went. That should make the day just that much better.