That was a hell of a night. I haven't been drunk like that in a while. Damn Homer and Stew, those boys are crazy.

Hendy, a driver at work, has been having a jones to bowl for a while, so he rounded up some people (aka Homer and Stew) for some bowling. Bowling and beer sounded like a good idea so I jumped in on that. Unfortunately, the bowling alley was too dead so they only stayed open until midnight, which meant we only had time for one game (including 2 pitchers of beer.)

After that we all headed over to Zig Zags, a local bar that I had never once even stepped foot in until last night. There were probably only a couple dozen people in the bar, including a group of 5 or 6 people who were in the grade above me in high school (Drew Bashaw, Margaret Schulte, Katie Colby, Corey... Something, can't remember her name, dang.) Stew and Homer housed at darts, and there was a lot of drinking to be done. That drunken walk home from Zig Zags was really fucking long though. I even considered breaking into Mr. Mike's to make myself something to eat, but I didn't. It would have been annoying stumbling around in the dark. Though it would have been super easy getting in (hint: there's a reason why the bench on the side of the building is in front of the emergency exit.)

It was a damn fun night. I realized at one point that it was the first time I had been out in Lake Placid without a member of the Crew in... well, ever, I think. It was also pretty cool because Homer pointed out an opportunity in Japan that I hadn't considered before: Game Shows. Homer is dead set that I've got to do whatever I can to be on a game show while I'm there. And I think he is totally right.

How cool would that be? I'd get to compete in some fucked up game, during which I likely wouldn't have a clue what was going on, and have a chance to win something like a tub of kelp. It would be awesome.