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Tiger Woods, professional golfer, ¼ African-American, ¼ Chinese, ¼ Thai, ⅛ Cherokee, ⅛ Dutch

Yes, I search for weird things, but that also means that I find some interesting stuff such as the above equasion which tells us that the reason Tiger Woods is such a great golfer is because he is not just one man, but one and three-quarters.

Apparently, those were 1/8 each on the Cherokee and Dutch, not 1/2 as I originally read it. (Thanks Sara!)

I can't really explain how I came upon this stuff, but a few minutes after finding that bit on Tiger, I found this Japanese rocker named, Miyavi. His fashion style is a little out there for my tastes, the 2-second clips of his music that I've found haven't been too bad, and the strangest thing is that he has the same exact birthday as me.