Last night, I wrote an LJ post in my head about how, sometimes, I get too lazy to pick up the keyboard and type, but of course, I was too lazy to pick up the keyboard and write that entry.

The fun part was that instead of typing that entry, I surfed to my LJ (via bookmark,) scrolled back to an entry mentioning Harry Potter, googled it (I love you Firefox*) and then bummed around IMDb for a while just checking out the different movies and whatnot. It has been so long since I saw the first Harry Potter movie, I totally thought that Ian McKellan played Dumbledore. He didn't,  but Ian will always be the Dumbledore in my imagination while I'm reading.

*It's the little things in Firefox that I love so much, such as: well organized tabbed browsing, great extensions like mouse gestures, and a simple thing like being able to highlight something and google it in a new tab. It's just so easy.