I finally got over the crappiness that was the first Harry Potter movie (and it only took 7 years!) and I've started reading the books for the first time.

It's pretty good so far (over half way through book 1 on my first day of reading,) but every time I read the words "Dark Side" or "Dark Arts" or whatever, this pic I saw online keeps popping into my head.

Do a search out there and you'll find a lot of similarities between Harry Potter and Star Wars. So, all of that makes me wonder: Are these books what Star Wars could have been if George Lucas had more writing talent than a 3rd grader?

In other news, my first whack of DVDs came today, and it turns out that the Battlestar Galactica miniseries is included in the Season One set, so I'm trading in the miniseries DVD for Robot Chicken: Season One.