Every night while I'm walking home after hanging out with the boys, I compose a post for LJ in my head. And every night when I get home I don't bother to post. In all likelihood it is just that I get excited over something while I'm high (like the many cherry blossom festivals throughout Japan, of which the only one I definitely want to hit is the one in Okinawa because the temp never gets below about 65 there, and I need to please my inner Karate Kid geek) and then when I get home I forget what I was excited about because my mom is so damn good at keeping our house stocked with wonderful munchies for her stoner boys (this week's treat: Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.)

Anyway, I don't really have much reason to be posting now. It looks like I won't be heading to Montreal this week. Maybe next week. For sure I want to spend a few days in Montreal the week of October 9th, so everyone should be prepared for that (especially those of you who might be donating some floor space for my sleeping.)

Off to work now. With luck, I'll finish book 3 of Harry Potter tonight (only 150 pages left) and that will allow me to start in on the big Potter books on my days off.

Word up.