1) Apparently, I lost my ATM card. And, even better than that, I haven't used the card in almost a month. The last time I used it was for a snack on the way home from dropping Anna & Carla in Montreal after our fantastic camping weekend. So, yeah, I'll deal with that.

2) Journalists are such fucking idiots. I just watched about 2 minutes of the press conference about Terrell Owens taking a whackload of pills. The entire time, all I heard Bill Parcells say was, "I've been on the practice field all day. I don't know anything about what is going on." He must have answered about 15 questions with that exact statement, and he was still going strong when I walked out of the room. The last thing I heard before leaving was Bill saying, "That's not my job. I go by what the medical staff tells me. I don't know anything about that. Why would you even ask me that?"

3) The best news ever is that my student loan consolidation bank has it on record that I'm in school at Concordia until May 2008, so I don't have to start paying anything back until then. That's pretty sweet. Another year and a half of no accruing interest.

4) For the first time all summer, I have nothing to download. It's kinda weird. But it does make the internet run a lot faster. Hehehehe... Music.

5) I like my lists to have 5 things on them. The best #5 I can think of is that I'm about to play a ton of Okami and I'm going to love it.