On my way home tonight, I realized just how good Liz was at getting my attention and getting me. She not only made the effort to get invited out with us, but she made sure that I didn't get much time to talk to Julianne.

Ever since Liz first decided that she wanted me (which, as I suspected, was the time I made her dance for me (just a little twist at work,)) she would always find ways to quash any time I might be talking to Julianne alone. Any time Julianne would come talk to me, Liz would wander over and either direct the conversation away from me and Julianne, or whatever, so I didn't have the opportunities to have the good times with Julianne (which I had today) because Liz was trying to get my attention.

I'm an oblivious kind of guy, so I didn't notice it when it happened, but I can see it now. And I'm not posting this because I'm angry at Liz, she played the game very well, and I applaud her. I'm just surprised that I didn't notice it sooner. I suppose having not worked with Julianne for a week and a half could also have something to do with it.

(Notice I didn't say anything about posting this as a possible rationalization for how I may end up playing this game, because Julianne is pretty damn cool, and really hot.)

(I'm a bad bad man.)