Today at work, Andrea St. John came in to eat with some kids that she was babysitting/teaching. I talked to her for a short bit and got her phone number so we can hang out later. I wondered aloud to Jim if I could somehow pull of a trifecta this summer (the balls!) Later on, Jim, in true Jim fashion, came up with the following amazing analogy: this would not be a trifecta, this would be like the Olympics. Liz is the bronze, Julianne the silver, and Andrea the gold.

This is just about the most perfect thing that I've heard in a while. Liz is great, but there are drawbacks. Julianne would be awesome and a fantastic time and is still a possibility. But Andrea has been the girl that I've wanted since I first realized that girls were desirable. Andrea is the gold medal for me. She is the girl I've been working towards for the last 15 years, since the first day I saw her in 5th grade.

This has not happened for months, but when I was even just thinking about talking to her, my hands were shaking and my heart was racing. Talking to her was crazy. I was all stumbly and awkward, but I know I can pull it together. It was a bit weird/amusing when I was waiting to talk to Andrea (fucking David jerk-faced jerk) and Liz walked by a couple times (and of course Liz was Andrea's waitress.)

Of course that is all just pipe dream thinking. For a start, I just want to hang out with her while I'm in town and if anything happens, then so be it.