I've made a huge mistake.

Laziness + horniness = asshole.

I've really got to try to remember this formula.

It's just so hard to not get caught up when a girl really likes me. It's hard to keep focused and think clearly.

I wish that I had stayed just friends with Liz and kept on target for Julianne. I don't regret having gotten with Liz, but I don't think it lead to the best outcome. She is a really awesome girl, but having slept with her means that she is now obsessed with my wang and has become less cool because she is focused too much on the physical.

Liz was there. She met me half way. She came after me a bit. Julianne was gone for a while. I lost focus. I can't deny that now I'm having less fun hanging with Liz and I have a big stupid grin on my face every time I talk to Julianne.

I feel most annoyed with the fact that my shyness has kept me from learning about situations like this in the past. These are not things that I should have to learn when I'm nearly 25. I should know this shit by now. I should be able to separate potential friends from lovers.

I should know better than to let my hands roam a keyboard so soon after waking up.