First (and likely only) bike lesson was a rousing success. If it weren't for the handlebars becoming really loose, I probably could have done better, but I showed a hell of a lot of improvement. (Allie! It is totally still possible to learn to ride a bike!)

I will probably never forget the screams of glee from Julianne when I was doing well. (I will likely also never forget the site of her (and her sister) in skin-tight bike gear. Although the crotch padding did look oddly like a perma-cameltoe. I'm not sure how I was expected to concentrate on biking with those two watching.)

Chances of getting with Julianne: next to nil. Chances of keeping in touch: very high (she wants weekly reports and she'll be back at the beginning of October.)

My chode is achy from the bike seat and I know that my arms will be achy later from pulling so hard on the handlebars while fighting to keep my balance.

Off to work now. I'm gonna be smiling for a couple days to come.