An amazing weekend has come to a close. I forgot my camera through the vast majority of it, but I've got the memories anyway.

Before I do the overview of activities from the weekend, I'd like to say thanks to:

Anna & Carla, Food, Nature, Beer, Weed, Swimming, Movies, and Fun.

The weekend started out as most do when I'm excited about seeing people who are traveling by bus from Montreal - the bus was an hour late. Luckily, that gave me time to nap and find out that the Greek restaurant next to the bus station in Pburgh is actually pretty good.

On the way back to Placid with A&C, we stopped at Pray's and got some super yummy corn, apples, melon, and other produce. The rest of the ride home was fairly uneventful except for general excitement by the ladies over being in such pretty nature.

We got to town, went straight to kidlicious73's house, got an extra tent, just in case, then headed to my house. At my house, I was surprised to hear that I had gotten a phonecall that I hadn't expected, but was very very excited about. Essentials were corralled, we stuffed the car full, then took a short tour (nothing else is possible in this town) of LP, hit the grocery store where we got the final essentials (beer) and enough munchies for a few camping trips.

With all of our bits and pieces together we only had one more thing standing in the way of camping: we had little idea where campsites were. I had asked a friend of mine from work and he had given me some clues, so we set off with a vague direction, a lot of hope, color, light and spirit-fingers. After a lot of winding, narrow roads and failed exploration, we finally found the campsite, which was awesome and free! There were two campsites - one closer to the road and one closer to the river - we chose the upper site because we wanted to be just a bit closer to the car in case of bad weather and a fast exit (which came in helpful in the morning) and also because the lower site was windier. We set up camp, and were surprised to find that not only could the 3 of us comfortably fit in the tent, but there were shears and a saw in the trunk of the car to help with gathering firewood. We had camp set up (and had started drinking) by early evening. We wandered around the river (Carla jumped in for a sec, Anna found some wild peppermint, I was scared about frozen balls,) then set to work on fire-making and yummy dinner prep. The night consisted of beer, yummy food, beer, music, fire, food, beer, weed, food, and star breaks.

Personally, I like that we took the campsite closer to the road. It was a very quiet road, and being so close meant that we could wander up to the road and look at the stars. Each of us took solo trips and had some crazy moments with the stars and nature. I came to terms with the fact that I am a complete child of modern civilization (and I will write a post on that later.)

We burned through all of the firewood that we had collected in about 4 hours or so and ended up going to bed probably no later than about 11PM (we didn't bother with clocks the whole night,) and were up by about 7 or 7:30. We were all fairly surprised after breaking camp and shoving everything in the car that it was only 8:45AM. We took the scenic route home through Bloomingdale, Gabriels, Paul Smiths, and Saranac Lake, and got back to the house at around 10:30. There was laundry, food, Cool Hand Luke, and then nap time until mid-afternoon, then more food and a rainy walk through town (which included a stop at Mr. Mike's to see the boys (and piss off my boss, who thought I couldn't work because I was out of town), a phonecall that made me smile, chocolate from the Candy Man, and a new waterproof jacket for me.)

We headed back to the house, started drinking, had super yummy dahl (which I will be using the leftovers today to make a pizza, I can't wait!) and corn. After dinner we walked over and played on Project Playground for a bit, then went back home to watch "Good Night, And Good Luck" with my parents (and we kept drinking of course.) After the movie, there was a short amount of compy time for research and my amazingly stupid move of accidentally deleting almost 8 gigs of music that I hadn't checked thoroughly yet, and then we all went to Jim's for some smoke and hanging and cartoony fun.

The A&C and I slept late on Monday, but we were still on the road back to Montreal by mid-afternoon. We stopped for a bit in Jay to do some swimming/clamboring on rocks at the awesome swimming hole there. After that it was a straight shot back to Montreal to finish off the weekend with another super yummy meal, some smoke, a Josie, and a lot of kitty-kitty lovin'. (And holy crap, those kitties, holy crap. They are the cutest little kitty-kitties ever.)

And then there were pics!





All in all, it was a damn good time with a couple of great girls, and I can't wait to do it again.