Okay, so I understand the "player" question from yesterday. Apparently, Liz was putting herself out there, and though I was oblivious, she thought I saw that and was reciprocating. So, when I asked Julianne to bowl, that's the causation.

Now it's the classic choice of physicality over awesomeness. Julianne is super fucking hot, and pretty cool. Liz is one of the coolest girls I've met and is really cute. In the long term, it's a no-brainer decision, but this isn't a long term situation. This is a few weeks at best. And, unfortunately, I have a penis.

I will probably regret not kissing Liz tonight though. The image of her head making that microscopic lean in is going to haunt me for a while. Probably, until I kiss her.

Dang. What a night. There's never been this much intensity surrounding Battlestar before. Battlestar is intense enough.