I burnt a pizza today, thought it would be okay and sent it out on a delivery.

As a result, I got a 5 minute lecture in the middle of the work day, a 15 minute lecture after work, and my boss wants me to write a letter of apology to the woman.

I feel like I'm back in grade school and I got sent to the principle's office. This is ridiculous.

My boss seems to think that one bad pizza over the course of the 30 years he has been in business is going to ruin him. What an amazing douche. During the lecture, he went on and on about how he pays taxes, and he's got a mortgage to run this business, and how the $31 for the order comes out of his pocket and blah blah blah. First of all, the $31 doesn't come out of his pocket, it just never goes into his pocket in the first place. He's not losing $31, he's losing the cost of the ingredients for large cheese pizza and one medium veg pizza, which would maybe come out to be about $10 all total. Secondly, he clears about $120,000 a year on this restaurant (an estimate from the head chef and pseudo manager.) If he's got a mortgage to pay off after owning this building (and renting out the apartments upstairs) for close to 30 years, then it's his own damn fault for putting all the money up his nose.

It was a bit funny though, Julianne (the cyclist) was worried that I was going to just quit and walk out when Dave was giving me shit when it first happened. I withstood 3 months of Larry. I have a huge tolerance for idiot bosses. I'll take whatever crap Dave feels like giving me until late September at which point I will no longer take any of his shit because I will be in Japan in October (and on a cool side note there, Big Jeff may be in Japan when I first get there! How cool would that be?)

Dear Mrs. Denise Dramn,

I am writing to apologize for the burnt pizza that was delivered to you on Sunday. I lost focus at work and I was not paying attention. I made a bad decision in sending the pie out to you, and I would like to assure you that a mistake like that will never happen again. I would not want this experience to deter you from being a patron of Mr. Mike’s in the future as this is not indicative of the level of work that we strive for here and that I expect from myself.

Again, I apologize for my decision and any problems it may have caused. I can assure you that I have learned my lesson and will not allow something like this to happen again.

Michael Heller</center