I just had the most fucked up and epic dream.

It started out with me back living in Montreal (sort of.) I needed a job and somehow I fell into a job which basically had me having sex with certain girls for money. Before work I would usually meet up with people in a hotel (run by the family that runs the hotel in Placid that I used to work for) and we would steal something from the hotel. Then we would go around the corner to another hotel that was on the coast (Montreal was on the ocean in this dream.) I would go downstairs in the hotel and find a line in which guys and girls were pairing up in a rotation for the night.

After a couple nights of this, there was an attack. I had just left work with a few people and bombs started dropping. Somehow, I was able to finish packing up my stuff (which was already mostly packed) and swim out to a boat out of town. My dad was somehow put in charge of driving the boat. It was a big oddly designed wooden boat with stairways and wide open expanses. As we were sailing out of the harbor there were two computer generated people who were swimming after us, but never caught us. I looked back to the city and saw two twin buildings - the hotel I worked in on the coast and my apartment building behind it - collapse just like the World Trade Centers, as if they were taken down by a demolition crew. But those were the only buildings that were destroyed, which led me to wonder for the rest of the dream why we were running away.

Since my dad was in charge on the boat, that somehow made me number 2, which meant that once on the boat I couldn't smoke weed (I also didn't want to smoke because I was afraid that I'd fall overboard.) Somehow, Jim had lucked out by having just bought an ounce, but that didn't matter to me. Nor did I go when Adam and Parker went up to the top deck to smoke, or when Anna and Carla had some. As the last sentence shows, this was a cameo filled dream.

When we were out to sea, I went below deck to find shoes because I had lost my shoes on the swim to the boat. I searched through lockers and found a pair of pink sneakers that were my size. I spent the next while just wandering around the boat, getting to know the layout and seeing who was around that I knew. I went upstairs and found someone I knew but can't remember now, who had the job of being the ship DJ. I wandered into another room and found my friends Katiedid and had a weird little reunion with her.

When I came back down from the upper decks, I noticed that the cargo hold area on the back of the boat had become completely submerged. I went up front and I saw that there was nothing but open water ahead of us, but it was very choppy water and my dad was driving like an idiot. He was going much faster than a boat that size should go, and I didn't understand how he was able to control the ship at that speed. The ship was not regular ship shape, it was more of a rectangle, so when we bobbed up and down and hit incoming waves, the ship didn't cut through, the wave just smacked right into the front. So I was on an observation area and we were plowing through waves, until we came up against a huge wave that I didn't think we could make it through. I braced myself against a door that wasn't connected to anything as we charged through. On the other side, there were other ships which we had to (unrealistically) swerve nimbly to dodge.

Once we were back in open water, I found myself sitting around a table with my mom and dad and Carla. We were all just chatting, and then my mom asked Carla, "So, who has your heart?" At which point, Carla looked my parents up and down a bit before deciding that she could speak freely, and said sort of rambly, "Japanese women are beautiful. I love watching the movement of their arms as they do caligraphy.... So, yeah, I'm a lesbian." This whole exchange was extremely weird because in the dream I could remember telling my parents about Anna & Carla, and possibly that they had all met before, not to mention that Carla sounded nothing like Carla.

Anyway, at that point the ship started to swerve and tip a lot. We all got up from the table and I went to the front of the boat again. Ahead of us in all directions were thousands of boats bloacking our way. My dad had left someone named Michael to man the wheel of the boat and he was sliding us through the mess of boats really fast. At one point there was a big yellow Tonka truck thing racing along side of us, driving on the water. Then there were two more coming straight at us, until suddently the trucks fell into what seemed like a hole in the water. A hole which we were able to sail right over, because we were sailing and the trucks were driving. When we got to the other side of the line of boats, a small boat that was shaped like the missing nose to our boat connected to the railing in front of me. Someone was shouting, "Michael!" and when I looked across to the other boat, I saw Michael Bluth standing there. I helped a kid climb onto our boat, and then he turned and pointed. There was land ahead. A new city. A new start.

And then I woke up.