Do you ever have those moments when you can feel lyrics and words bouncing around in your head, but you can't seem to get a grip on any of them?

I hate what this town does to my writing, but I think I'm starting to get a handle on it, so maybe I can find a workaround or something. It basically boils down to the fact that nature doesn't inspire me to write. It will inspire me to pick up a camera (or so I thought, but I haven't taken many pics since being here,) but it won't inspire words. I'm pretty sure that what I need for the words in me are people and life and fewer distractions. I think that the best situation for me would be to be in a city, with high speed internet and no TV.

TV just eats my time. Without it, I'm more likely to read (which in turn inspires me to write.) And the big one is that I need people around me. I need concrete and steel and glass. I need the city to appreciate nature more, and I need the people to get my mind working. My favorite activities are people watching or going for long rambly walks (or a combination thereof.) It is impossible to take a long rambly walk in a town that is 2 miles long, and equally impossible to see many different faces within that area. It doesn't inspire me to write to see people that I went to high school with. I need strange faces and new characters. That's why I was inspired to write while I was here last summer, because there were so many new faces and characters that came into my life with my new jobs at Mr. Mike's and the convenience store. This time around, I know most of the people. They aren't strangers.

I find all of this very amusing because I'm not very good, socially, with new people. I'm normally quiet around strangers until I feel comfortable, but that's not really the case with the few new people I've met through work this year. I opened up very quickly (likely due to having two of my best friends with me) and got a lot closer to being myself in a much shorter time. I suppose now it's just a matter of seeing how much good comes from it.