Awake is the new sleep, so wake up and do it, whatever it is...

A rundown of the past two days:

Thursday July 20th
11AM - Wake up (planning to leave for Boston by noon)
2:15PM - Leave for Boston - On the trip I listened to two Japanese language lessons and I have already forgotten a key word - "understand"
7PM - Arrive in Boston
7:30PM - Order Chinese delivery
8:30PM - Watch "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and eat chow fun and dumplings
10:45PM  - Go to bed
11PM - Sleep version 1
2:30 AM - Wake up
2:45AM - Sleep version 2

Friday July 21st
5:56AM - Wake up
7:20AM - Get shuttled to train station
7:45AM - Board commuter train at Anderson station on the Lowell line (inbound)
8:15AM - Arrive at North Station and switch to the T (green line - inbound)
8:40AM - Arrive at Copley station
8:45AM - Arrive at Nova Group office and chat with fellow interviewees (2 Daves, another Mike, Shawn, Zane, Star and Paul)
9-11AM - Nova orientation (Quote of the morning regarding the reason a 78 year old Japanese man was learning English: "When I die and go to Heaven, I want to be able to speak with Audrey Hepburn.")
11:15AM - Lunch with the other Mike
12:15PM - Interview
1PM - Call to wish Carla a happy birthday
1-2:15PM - Sit around talking with Mike, Dave and Paul
2:15-3PM - Walk around Boston with Mike and Dave (peripherally) while talking with Paul and checking out all the hot women of Boston Common (woo! tag-team leering! Japan better watch out for us, because we are a combined 12' 8" of prowling mullatto American male.)
3PM - Start back towards North Station
3:30PM - Arrive at North Station
4:10PM - Board commuter train on the Lowell line (outbound)
4:45PM - Arrive at Anderson station and call for a cab
5:40PM - Cab arrives
6PM - Arrive back at hotel and change out of suit in a two part trip from bathroom to car to bathroom to car, on each leg of which the front desk girl eye-fucked the hell out of me
6:10PM - Back on the road
7PM - Get out of Boston city-limits
7:30PM - Pull into a rest stop to get out of the torrential downpour and traffic, take a nap
8:30PM - Wake up and continue on drive
9PM - Dinner
9:30PM - Back on the road
9:30PM-1AM - Sing along with Jet, Ben Folds Five, Ben Lee and more
1AM - Pull into Placid singing "Apple Candy" as loud as I can
2AM - Write this post