All You need is smiles, lots & lots of smiley smiles

I am really learning to love and appreciate non-verbal communication. So much can be said without any words at all. So much can be said with nothing but a smile.

There is a simple smile of acknowledgment. A smile hello. A smile asking for company. A mischievous smile. A smile of laughter. And on and on and on.

The most amazing part of it all is the rush that flows through my body after a successful smile exchange (by which I mean any exchange that results in understanding by both parties.) That rush almost insures that I will not forget any of the smiles I shared today. Some with old friends, some with new, some with a crush, and some innocent flirting. (I have never seen a girl blush that deeply.)

A smile is just so simple and warm. Welcoming, exhilarating, and easy.

Today was a good day.