Yesterday, I watched The Karate Kid Parts 1&2. I love those movies.

I don't think I'd ever noticed it before, but I saw a mistake in Part 2. When Daniel helps Ichiro brig his carrots to the market where Chozen is weighing the goods and paying the townspeople for their products. Daniel accidentally knocks over the scales and finds that the weights that Chozen is using are fake, which he illustrates by breaking one in half. It's a good visual to show Chozen cheating the townspeople, but logically it would mean that Chozen is cheating himself.

If he really wanted to cheat the people he would use weights that are heavier than they appear, so the scales balance with fewer weights and he would pay people for what looks like a lighter amount of goods. If he is using weights that break like clay, they will be lighter than regular iron weights and it will take more of them to balance the scales, making it look like there is a larger amount of goods and meaning that Chozen has to pay more for a smaller amount.

Mm'yep. That be how my brain works while I'm watching a movie.