It's kind of annoying to think of TV shows like Jackass and whatever. Because, sure they do ridiculous stuff and they pull crazy pranks on people, but it's all bullshit.

Take the first scene of Jackass: The Movie for example. Johnny Knoxville rents a car then trashes it in the "Rent-a-car Smashup Derby". The problem is that if you think about it logically, MTV has to get a release signed by those guys in the rental place in order to use them in the movie and the only way those guys are going to sign that release is if, at the very least, MTV agrees to pay in full to replace that busted car. So, sure it's a crazy prank, but it doesn't mean shit because it's not that they are doing this and getting away with it. They do what they want and MTV pays for them to get away with it.

It's annoying to think too much.

But hotdamn it is still funny as shit when they find new ways to hurt themselves. Ryan Dunn getting beat-up by a girl is hilarious!