i have been back in Montreal for about 12 hours now and here's what i've noticed:

1) not only is there a much higher proportion of hot women in this city than anywhere else i've been (not a new realization), but the simple fact that there are even just mildly attractive girls who are my age in this city makes me happy as hell. this is reason number 1 that i hate going back to LP: there are almost no 20-something women. there are only jailbait and moms. and i refuse to let a lack of options make me drop my standards.

2) i love friends. i had a great time wandering with Jo. it was awesome to visit Taylor. and it was brilliant to hang out, drinking beer on the roof with Adam and Lisa. i can't wait to get time with my other friends.

3) i probably should not have moved my mom's car from the corner of Mount Royal and Esplanade on my way home. there is a very good likelihood that i was above the legal alcohol limit, and while i felt good to go on the walk to the car, it was a far different story once i was behind the wheel. luckily it was late and i had nothing to worry about. the car was moved without incident.