The Complex Life of a Human in the World

I am fascinated with creating fiction.

I stole a line from the movie "Waking Life" a while back to illustrate the point that we all create a fiction in order to connect our present self to our past self, but that isn't really the whole story.

Every single day we create fictions of ourselves. Just think about this question: How many people in the world know everything there is about you?

Usually the answer lies in the zero-to-one area. Maybe some people max out at having two people. We create fictions every day with everyone we meet. Maybe it's as simple as only showing your serious side while at work, or not allowing yourself to show weakness in public.

The thought came to me (as most ideas do) in the shower. Blogs are taking this trend to a whole new ridiculous level. No one has a blog that gives away their entire personality. Hell, there are even plenty of blogs out there that are complete fiction. I'm interested in this because I want to use this blog space to create the most well-rounded character of myself as I can. I rarely use a friends filter on my posts, so the majority of this fiction that I'm creating is public.

I'd like to think that I've done a fairly good job of portraying myself accurately. I know that I've omitted the deeper pains and more vulnerable times from this space, but overall I think that this space reflects me well. At my most basic (which is still fairly complex in human terms), I am a relaxed, geekish, music-obsessed male who cherishes his friends more than anything in the world and is living day-to-day, hoping to not miss too much.

But, now I have to be at work, so I'll have to finish/edit this post later.