The boy within

What is the fiction created to connect myself now with who I once was?

I am not that little boy any more. I don't share even one cell with that little boy. Every cell in my body has been replaced 3 times since I was that boy. I only have a handful of memories of being that boy and I can't say for sure that they are real or if they have been created from stories that I've been told.

I search for things that connect me to him: He could talk and walk and he could even read a little (I learned to read at 3, taught by my 6 year old sister.) He loved dairy and Chinese food. He loved his mother and sisters. He couldn't ride a bike. He rubbed his eyes with little balled up fists. He loved baseball and the New York Mets. He loved to sing. He danced when eating a good meal.

I know it is possible to hold onto that child. I've witnessed it first hand. I have seen that unabashed excitement of a child in friends my age. I've seen it in myself in the preceding paragraph. I guess it has just been too long since I've felt it.