Another crazy dream

For the first time in a dream, I got knocked the fuck out. I was working at this weird version of Mr. Mike's making pizzas. It seemed like it was somewhere in Montreal. I was about to take off to pick up MJ so we could hang out for a bit and I got hit with something, my vision flashed then everything went black. Later it seemed that the likely scenario was that Homer (of course) hit me with a soup can that was filled with mayonaise (I can't remember the term he used.)

When I came to I stumbled around for a bit, then I had one of the waiters drive me to get MJ, but it turned out that kid had no clue how to drive, so he crashed my van. We went back inside the pizza shop and eventually I think Homer went to get MJ and everyone came back and threw me a party.

After that, I got flu-like sick, so I started heading home, but I had to stop at a mall to return a music CD that I had rented. The place I rented from was just a table outside of a restaurant and the guy was putting chains up because they were closed. I handed him the CD and he told me it was late, so I had to pay a $5 fine and if I didn't pay before he finished putting up the chains it would be an extra $13 on top of that. So, of course, I threw a fucking hissy fit. I literally jumped up and down screaming and crying until the guy's boss came over, took the CD and gave me about $9.

As I was taking the stairs down to the street (by my favorite dream stairway method of skiing down because my feet stretch from one edge of a step to the next) I noticed the Edgley's walking down in front of me (I went to high school with Kirsten Edgley.) I skied past them, headed outside and found myself in a place that looked like a cross between SoHo and Chinatown in NYC. I started walking up the street and found myself walking next to a girl who looked exactly like Ashley Simpson, but I knew to be Kirsten's sister. I walked next to her for a bit before I said hi. When I did, she got nervous and started crossing the street to get away from me. I explained that I grew up in Lake Placid, and went to school with her sister and she calmed down.

We walked up the hill to a main boulevard and then I saw Kirsten's other sister on the corner. Kirsten does have two younger sisters, but neither looks like Ashley Simpson, and neither looks like the girl I saw on the corner who had a punked out spiky bob haircut and thick-rimmed black glasses. I went over to her as well and she was also suspicious of me at first. I think she even slapped me and started walking away. I explained about LP and Kirsten and she calmed down.

The three of us started walking somewhere when I saw a street vendor who had a photo album. I looked at the album and saw pics of Kirsten's sisters in what looked to be a porn with someone who at first glance looked like me, and to top it off the pictures were dated in the future. I started wondering if this was what would happen if I spent the day with them. I looked up and the two girls were gone and suddenly the guy in the photos didn't look like me. I still felt the urge to find them and warn them about the potential invitation into porn, but I woke up.