"Homer, Abraham Lincoln is here and he is pissed."

I don't know what it is about me and fucked up dreams these days, but I just woke up from another one.

I was living in an apartment with Homer, Mike and some dude who I couldn't place at all. It was in a city that I didn't recognize at all. I'm pretty sure I've dreamt of the apartment before. From the street, it looked like a bakery, because there are two huge display window coolers filled with cakes and stuff that actually belong to a grocery store that was next door to the apartment. There were two entrances separated by a garage door that was not connected to the apartment inside, one on the right which I never used and one on the left. The one on the left opened to two doors and a corridor. I don't remember what the other doors where, they were random businesses. The corridor led to the apartment. Once you got into the apartment to the left there was the back end of the cooler that showed onto the street, there was a bike rack and also a staircase leading underneath the apartment. The rest of the apartment was very wide open with some benches and tables, kind of rustic, no TV, no couches, (I don't think there were even bedrooms,) it was poorly lit, nothing that looked too modern (except of course there was wireless internet.) Despite all of that it was still a nice place. Out the back of the apartment was a courtyard that we never explored.

Kid and I had gone out and talked to the owner of the gorcery shop next door, who I think was also our landlord. We wanted to get some food, but he wouldn't give us any, so on the way back to our apartment I swiped some cake, and the Kid grabbed some soda from the cooler. I started surfing the net and then Homer came home and said something that sounded like a weird omen, and told us to beware of the basement.

Obviously, this meant that we had to go downstairs to check it out. We went down the really steep stairs and the basement was a really nice furnished apartment with a TV, comfy chairs, bedrooms, and stuff. We all sat down and then all of a sudden this kid walks in and I recognize him right away. "Young Jake LaBrake?" I said (Jake was a guy I went to high school with.) Seeing him got me kind of creeped out. Suddenly the room started filling up with people from the past who were all moving a little like zombies. I don't remember most of them, but I do remember that at one point I looked towards the stairs and there was a tall man in a ten gallon hat with a beard and wearing a black wife-beater that showed off his trembling muscles. I turned to Homer and said, "Homer, Abraham Lincoln is here and he is pissed." We were running up the stairs so fast that the only thing I could see was the ass crack of the random roommate dude in front of me. We got upstairs and everyone fanned out into the apartment, but I stayed at the bike rack next to the stairs, because the stairs were wide open too, there was even railing so you could look down on the spiraling stairs and there was no way to block it up. Young Jake LaBrake followed us up the stairs. Two girls, who had randomly appeared in our apartment screamed, and I grabbed Jake by the shirt and threw him back down the stairs. You could hear him tumbling down and taking out a few other people who were coming up the stairs. Someone said that the fall would give them amnesia and they would forget about the stairs all toghether.

And that's when I woke up.