I was just poking around on LJ and I found some ridiculousness happening in the fess_up community. Specifically the exchanges down at the bottom of this post. The basic breakdown is that some guy posted about porn, he mentioned liking asian girls, then a couple people started getting on the guy's case for being an "asiophile" and having an asian fetish. While this is something that has never directly effected me, it is something that has always annoyed the shit out of me.

I've seen this sort of thing happen a lot. A guy (usually a white guy) mentions being attracted to asian women, or having an asian girlfriend and then people automatically assume and start tearing into the guy for having an asian fetish.

In one degree I agree with the guy who is defending himself in that fess_up post: that kind of thinking is just straight up racism. And on top of that is all the baggage and assumptions that come along with the word "fetish". The word "fetish" implies that there is something unnatural, or unhealthy about an attraction, something bordering on obsession.

I went out with an asian girl for 3 years. I find asian women attractive. I dare anyone out there to prove in any way that I am an asiophile or that I have a fetish. It's just pure bullshit. Yes, I'm attracted to asian women, but I've seem my fair share of uggo-asians too (Sandra Oh.) In my opinion beauty is beauty, be it asian, black, hispanic, indian, arab, or whatever. In my 3 years with my asian girl, I got some strange looks, I could see people judging me, but no one ever said anything to me. Possibly that was due to my size, maybe it was due to the fact that they fell for my girl after talking to her too, or maybe it was because they talked to me for about one minute and realized that it was a ridiculous notion.

I don't deny that there are guys out there with fetishes. I don't deny that there are white men who are obsessed with everything asian. What I hate is the assuption that just because a guy is with an asian girl, or mentions being attracted to asian women, he is automatically judged and labeled. It doesn't stop with the white guy/asian girl dynamic either. If a black man is seen with a white woman, he is judged as disliking black women, and falling for the "black man's kryptonite." If a white guy is seen with a black woman, he gets evil stares from black men (I've even gotten evil stares from black guys who are holding hands with white women) and is accused of having "jungle fever."

I am a big fan of interracial couples. I'll say that right now. And it's not because I hate white women and want to bag me a darky. It's a simple idea: why limit yourself? There are beautiful women in every race and color all around the world. Not to mention that mixed race kids are the most beautiful kids around, no one can argue that. Just look at the pan-racial beauties that come out of relationships like that (Soledad O'Brien, Jessica Alba.)

With each generation racism is fading little by little. It's not the fastest process, but it is happening. Judgements placed on interracial couples are one of the few components of racism that crosses all barriers.

Dammit, my brain feels like it's stuck in a loop right now. I can't process thoughts enough to keep going on this. If I think of anything else to say, I'll add it later.