Placidy dream

For the last couple hours, my brain has been parsing a dream I had last night. It was pretty weird, because it was set in Montreal, but populated by people from Lake Placid.

There was some sort of talent show at Concordia, and so my friends Mike (Rattee), Mike (Kelly), Jim and I formed a band. Rattee was on percussion (though he never actually had an instrument in his hands.) Kelly was on guitar. I was on bass (because I figured it'd be the easiest to play without really knowing how.) And, Jim was on lead vocals (which is odd because Kelly and I are the best singers of the group.)

It started out that we were taking the metro to Concordia. Everyone got out at the right stop, except for me. I ended up taking the metro to Atwater, but it wasn't really Atwater. It was this really dark area that had two bleacher type things facing each other. It was so dark that they seemed to be suspended in mid-air. I got out there and went around to the other side to wait for the metro to bring me back to Concordia. There was a girl there, but I don't remember much about her (it may have been Andrea St. John.) I fiddled with the bass for a bit, then the metro came.

I got out at the Concordia stop, which for some reason was on Rene-Levesque near the Architectural gardens (but the whole area was much more grand, like Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan.) I got to the building where the contest was held, and that turned out to be Marshall Hall (a building on the ESF portion of the Syracuse campus, in which the end of term dance for Summer college was held.) They were about to disqualify our band (which incidentally was named "Three Jim's and a Mike") but I got there in time and we were allowed to play. It was pretty much a jam session and I was concentrating on the beat that I was laying down on the bass (which was awesome) that I couldn't even really hear the rest of the band.

All in all, it was just cool as hell. I kinda want to learn how to play the bass. It's been an interest of mine for a while. I feel like I'd be a better bass player than guitarist, because my hand dexterity is a little poor, but my rhythm is pretty damn solid. It was just a really strange journey of a dream with all of the conflated places, the fact that Mike Kelly was there (I haven't seen him in a couple years,) and the amusing name and organization of the band.