The Godfather

Last night, I watched The Godfather for the first time. This afternoon, I watched The Godfather: Part II for the first time. They are both amazing movies, but I have to say that the first one is definitely the better movie. There really is no argument for me. The first movie simply had the better and more compelling storyline.

Stripping away all of the extras that get you situated in the landscape and the world that is created in The Godfather, the first movie is about Michael becoming the Don. That is an amazing and interesting character arch. In Part II, Michael is already the Don, and the prequel arch showing how Vito became the Don simply isn't as full or compelling as the arch that Michael takes in the first one. Had the storylines been juggled in Part II, so that Vito is the central character of the movie and Michael is the secondary story, perhaps things would be different. As is, the Michael storyline of Part II, while very good, isn't quite as interesting because there is never really a threat to him or to the power of the Corleone family. Michael has the entire situation under control throughout the entire movie. And as for the Vito substory, there just isn't enough there. It is a great story, but it doesn't get enough screen time to tip the scales of the movie. Part I is simply more interesting because the entire family is in immediate and real danger and watching Michael go from the honest army man to the Don is a great arch.

The acting, cinematography, lighting, sound, and everything else that went into each movie were just as good in each. It's just the story that wasn't quite as good in the second movie.

Anyway, now I'm off to investigate the origins of the phrase "go to the matresses" and then I'm gonna watch The Godfather: Part III.

**Edit** I tried watching The Godfather: Part III, but the disc keeps skipping and it is making watching impossible. I wasn't really enjoying the movie too much before that anyway. I've never been a big fan of Andy Garcia to begin with and I really have no urge to watch him make out with his cousin (nor do I want to hear Sofia Coppola's voice being dubbed over in every scene because she really just isn't a very good actress. I, for one, am very happy to see any movie that she directs or writes, but I don't want to see her act.)