Why the fuck did they do that? Why would Radiohead - who has jam packed the field at Parc Jean Drapeau for their last two concerts here - why would they instead choose to play 2 shows at a venue with a capacity of less than 3000?

Okay, admittedly, they are not touring to support an album, they are touring because they feel like it. They are doing this in a lot of cities, as well. Most cities they hit, they are doing two shows in each. And sure, this is a good way to give back to the most hardcore (or lucky) of fans by having shows in a very small, intimate venue. But, fuck's sake! This is Radiohead! They are one of the biggest bands in the world, who would have no problem bringing another 20,000+ people to a show at Parc Jean Drapeau.

Can't they understand that I can't get tickets to a show this small? Don't they realize that all the seats sold out in the hour before I even woke up? Don't they know that they are personally hurting my soul?

So, anyone want to take a roadtrip to Tennessee with me?