Last night, I saw X-Men: The Last Stand. It didn't quite live up to the bar set by the first two movies, but it was a good summer action flick. They did change some things that annoyed me (Juggernaut is not and never has been a mutant) and there were some old bits that still annoyed me (Rogue has never had any other name than Rogue.) But, the thing I noticed most was just how bad the writing was for the movie. All of the dialogue was so on-the-nose and straight on through to cliche, it really pissed me off.

From the reviews I glanced at for the movie, it seemed that the general consensus was that the movie wasn't as good as the first two because of the absense of Bryan Singer and the fact thet the new director Brett Ratner just isn't as talented as Singer. While part of the fault may lie with the director, the real problem was a shoddily written script (because, as no one has mentioned, when Bryan Singer jumped ship, he took the writers with him to work on Superman Returns.) This is something that has always kind of annoyed me about films: it is almost always the director's fault if a movie doesn't live up to the hype. No one ever blames the actors (I personally didn't think Patrick Stewart was up to snuff in this movie, and the dude who plays Cyclops is just flat out bad,) and no one ever blames the writer(s).

Just look at The Da Vinci Code. is it really all Ron Howard's fault that the movie isn't as good as people were expecting? Is it completely unthinkable that it might have been a badly written script, or worse yet, that there was a problem with the original book by Dan Brown that makes it a bad choice for adaptation to film? Is anyone ever going to hold George Lucas accountable for the fecal spew of dialogue that he put into every Star Wars movie?

Film is an incredibly collaborative art. Just look at the credits for any movie in existence. While the director does weild a lot of power on a film set, why can't anyone think to blame the writers for bad movies, or shoddy acting, or maybe even the producers (Jerry Bruckheimer you son-of-a-bitch) for being the driving force behind making these crap movies?

Admittedly, I would at some point like to become a professional screenwriter, and the current system would benefit me quite a lot, but it is still a flawed system and it pisses me off.