DQ8 Haikus

The Dancing Devils
Do a sultry dance for you
Are you affected?

The Candy Cats can
Paw at you, lick your face or
Calmly clean themselves

You must go to church
And confess all of your sins
To a Save Game file

Welcome to my home
Feel free to break my pots and
Steal all of my things


Played a bunch of Dragon Quest 8 today. It's a damn good game. Pretty funny too (as you may notice from the haikus.) It does kind of annoy me that you have to go to church and "confess" in order to save the game. Luckily, the Goddess can also do: Divinations (tells you how many XP you need to level up), Resurections, Purifications (cures poisoning), and Benedictions (fixes cursed items.) Who knew churches were so useful?

The first time I fought a Candy Cat and, instead of attacking me, it "calmly clean[ed] its face," I lost it. Same with the first time I saw a Devil do its "Sultry Dance." It shook its booty at me and all I could do was dance uncontrollably (for one turn.)

Blah. Bed. Mm'yep.