Between now and now,
between I am and you are,
the word bridge.

Entering it
you enter yourself:
the world connects
and closes like a ring.

From one blank to another,
there is always
a body stretched:
a rainbow.

I'll sleep beneath its arches.

-"The Bridge" by Octavio Paz

Once, a number of years ago, a poetry professor of mine said that my writing reminded him of Octavio Paz. I checked it out, because I was curious and because Octavio Paz is one of the greatest names of all time. Turns out Paz was the 1990 Nobel Lauriate. I don't care much about the acclaim, but if I can ever write poetry like this guy did, my creative life will have been a huge success.

Feeling not so healthy today. I'll just lie in bed all day reading poetry. That sounds awesome.