1) I have been to Parc Lafontaine 5 out of the last 6 days. That makes me happy. While there today, I got myself on Just For Laughs. It was a retarded setup. On a corner near some flower boxes, there was a man and woman dressed as a bride and groom. To make the scene more believable, behind them was an unmarked van, and next to them was a completely out of place tent thingy (housing the camera). The guy asked me (in French) if I could take a photo of them. I said sure, and he handed me the shittiest Polaroid camera ever (most likely completely fake). I took their picture, curious where the joke was. Then the guy asked if he could get a photoe for posterity and put me next to his "wife." The guy then stalled by waving the photo I took, while the woman ran her hand up and down my back, then started grabbing my ass and pinching my ass. I made some awkward faces for the cameras, then when the guy said, "What's going on?" I acted surprised, said, "Nothing!" and started walking away. I got about 3 steps when the bride stopped me. She started saying something, but I cut her off saying, "Just For Laughs, right?" Then I got one of the producers to take a picture of the 3 of us, signed a release and was back on my way. So look for me to be on Just For Laughs sometime in January.

2) My feet hurt like hell from wearing my sandals all the time, but I'm rocking an awesome sandal-tan.

3) I was on the verge of slapping a woman in the elevator a few minutes ago. I was sitting downstairs, waiting for the elevator. This woman (about 65 years old) comes in wearing a down coat. She walks over and presses the up button (which is already lit, because I pressed it.) She looks around and presses it again, and again, and again. Then, just for good measure, she pressed it again to try to open the doors on an elevator that was still going down. I got on the car with her when the elevator came back up from the basement level, and another guy got on before me. He was going to the 7th floor, I was going to 27, she was going to 29. She started pressing the button to close the doors before the guy was off the elevator on the 7th floor and she did the same thing to me. People like that really really should be slapped.

4) Small snack, then I'm back off to Parc Lafontaine with m'Lady (although I'm totally wearing sneakers, my feet can't handle more sandals.

5) Top five lists rock.