Tea that!

Okay, so my previous high for green tea ingested for staying up to do schoolwork purposes was 15 cups (3.5L). That got me through the night until 1PM the following day, so that I could finish a paper.

Tonight, because I'm not drinking hot tea, and I'm not using my big mug (3 cup mug), I have had somewhere in the viscinity of 6L of green tea. (I cut the top off of a 1.5L water bottle and have been using that as a glass.) Granted, the tea is not as strong, because it doesn't steep as well in cold water, but I still feel like that is a bit of a crazy amount.

In addition, I would like to say that I am kind of fond of my surge of posts when I'm actually doing schoolwork. I think it is very representative of my work ethic (or lack thereof.)

I'm out (for now.)