So I fell asleep sometime just after 7AM today. I want to get on a more normal schedule, so I alarmed myself up at 1:30 (baby steps.) I'm feeling a might wonky, which is to be expected, but luckily waking up earlier means I get to go out and enjoy this beautiful day today.

Brain fuctions are horribly out of whack right now. I don't even remember what my point was for this post.

Bluh. Whatever. Anyway, here's a link (unceremoniously jacked from urbankat) for a funny website: If this dude can get 2 million hits, his girlfriend will have a 3some. The guy put up the site in the middle of March and he's already got over 800,000 hits (he actually got about 30,000 hits in the time it took me to write this. Informal tests using the refresh button on my browser shows that he's getting about 200 hits a second, right now.) Frankly, I think she should have negotiated a time limit on this bet, because any website can get 2 million hits given enough time. Anyway, it looks like pretty soon his girlfriend will be eating her words, and some carpet. Mm'yep.