Shower Quiz

(I just wrote this up. I'm sure there is something very similar already floating around, but I wanted to write my own and see what happened. And for extra fun, I've answered my own questions.)

The Shower Quiz!

1) Do you turn on the water before or after you get in the shower? after

2) What temperature do you like your shower to be? a little cooler than burning

3) Do you sing in the shower? yes

4) If so, how often? a fraction of a song, a couple times a week, that's about it

5) Do you have a shower routine? yep

6) If so, what is it? wash hair, rinse. wash face, rinse. wash rest of body, rinse. done.

7) Liquid soap or bar soap? bar

8) If you use bar soap, do you use a washcloth? If you use liquid, do you use a loofah? no

9) Do you ever pee in the shower? on a rare occasion

10) Have you ever had athlete's foot, or any other foot fungus? never. woo pee!

11) Do you ever wish you had way to write down the ideas that come while you're in the shower? i wrote this quiz in my head in the shower. but yes, i'd love to have a way to write down thoughts.

12) Do you exfoliate? i guess so, i've got exfoliating Dove bars. they gots the beads built in.

13) How long is a typical shower for you (just the shower, no drying time, etc.)? 5 to 10 minutes

14) How long is your average prep time (how long is it from the start of your shower to when you are dressed and ready to roll)? if i'm in a rush, i can be ready in just under 15 minutes, if not, i may not get dressed at all.

That's the quiz. Feel free to steal it and disperse it as you please.