I've heard of Chuck Klosterman in regards to a book he wrote about hardcore rock and metal. I even watched part of an interview with him that was produced by the senile, old fuck that I used to work for. I knew he was a columnist for Spin magazine. I had never read anything that he wrote until just now on

This is likely the most honest column about Barry Bonds that I've ever read.

That is the kind of article that makes your perspective shift just slightly, so that you have to reexamine things that you had been arguing about.

Combine that article with the column from Scoop Jackson that I read a few days ago and you've got yourself the start of something that should, but never will, become the ideas that people argue until some real truth is found.

To follow Klosterman's arguements about how the future will look back on the events of today, I think they'll probably see this as the time when everything in America became all about business and nothing else. Major League Baseball ignored the influx of steroids because it was good for business. Our country is continually at war behind the muddled ideas of an imbecile because it will make money for those in government. Everything that could be a part of the world of "art" is skipped over for that which will make money. I know that America has been a big corporation for a long time, but I feel like now is when it's starting to take a turn towards critical mass. I just hope my kids find the world better when China is the dominant super power.

"Americans tend to be conspiracy theorists, but we're not particularly skeptical." - Chuck Klosterman