I heard the stream of car horns from outside and assumed that the Canadians had just won game 2 of their series. I was right. Who needs to actually watch the game?

On a side note, at my current pace there is no chance of me getting through everything that I need to study, even if I go all night and don't sleep before the 9AM exam. Shitty.

Sorry, that was completely wrong. I'm so deep into this Brit Lit and English jaune that my math skills disappeared for a little while. At my current pace, I should get through everything before 4AM, and I'm doing the most thorough studying of my life (or at least the last 7 years of it,) so I'm feeling pretty good about this.

On a real side note, my left pec is sore as hell right now. I know exactly why, but it's still distracting.