I feel like I need to explain something that most people (including Americans) don't know:

The U.S.A. has no official language. English is not the official language of the United States. You can speak any language anywhere, including the highest levels of government. You don't need to have anything in English if you don't want to (go to Chinatown in NYC, there are plenty of places that don't have any English on their signs.)

I felt the need to say this because there is a bit of a controversy over the Star Spangled Banner being sung in Spanish.

There are a few states that specify English as the official language, but there is nothing on the federal level. I just felt like trying to inform people of that popular misconception.

Of course, over 80% of the country speaks English, but it's not a manditory thing. There are plenty of Spanish-only schools and such.

That is all.