Okay, it is now 4:30AM. I have studied for about 9 or 10 of the last 12 hours. I have read everything that was feasible to read (aka, no novels (just CliffNotes), plays, or short stories longer than a few pages.) I have 4 double-sided pages of handwritten notes (a lot of which is transcribed from my typed class notes to help me remember it all.) I'm feeling good (except my back is going to be fucked from hunching over books.) I'm confident that I can pass.

I'm going to sleep for a few hours, then I lay in bed for an hour and a half, rested, no sleep, but good brain processing time. Now I'll do some more review (see how much my brain held onto,) eat some brekkie, and then it's off to do the deed. This has been good. Turns out I can be a good student if I need to be.