I feel like I just slept for days, but it wasn't even 9 hours. Every time I closed my eyes, I started dreaming immediately, picking up from where I left off. It was long and intricate and strange. Let's see how much I can remember:

Everything started in a cabin in the woods. It belonged to your old boss. I was wandering the hallways alone and a little bit scared. I didn't know what to do, so I took a shower, my hands shaking slightly under the hot water. When I stepped out of the shower and into the hallway there was a figure in front of me, someone insubstantial, a ghost. I looked through the ghost to the other end of the hall near the room that I had planned to sleep in. You were standing there in a long red coat, looking sad. We ran together and hugged. I was overwhelmed. I had thought that I was going to be alone all night. My relief turned into tears as I held you as tightly as I could.


We sat in the bedroom unsure what to do. I didn't really care, because I was still relieved to just have someone else in the house with me. Then, in order to calm me some more, it was decided that I needed a haircut. You got the shearer while I sat in front of the mirror and noticed for the first time how long my hair was. It has never been that long in my life. You started massaging my head and shaving my hari down to my preferred length, but you were distracted. You kept checking the hallway and checking the phone. I wasn't sure if you were waiting for someone else, if you were worried that we shouldn't be there, or what. I asked you to calm down. I asked what was wrong, but you never answered. I don't know that you ever said anything to me. After getting most of the left side of my head shaved to it's normal length, you disappeared without a word. I searched the halls, but I couldn't find you. As far as I knew, you had jumped off the balcony at the end of the hall and run off into the woods, but I couldn't see that far. You had left me alone with half a head of hair.


A group of people who had seemingly rented the cabin came in (it was the middle of the night) and disappeared into different rooms, again leaving me alone in the hallway. There was a blonde girlat the end of the hallway. I knew that she could help me find you, but I couldn't catch her. Every time I got close, she would appear somewhere else. Soon, on my travels up and down the hallway, I noticed a gun with a scope on it. I grabbed it and ran towards the balcony. This time the blonde girl jumped off, just as you had, but this time I had the scope so I could see where she went and maybe where you did too, but once I got to the balcony helicopters were circling the building and flashing huge lights throughout the woods. I could see that both the blonde girl and you were long gone, effectively leaving me alone again.

Major shift.

The cabin became a video store on/near the beach. I worked there, but I kept wandering through to find different titles that I could copy (there were a row of computers available for use in the store.) First I was looking at some weird porn section, just trying to find a certain name that kept changing every time I tried to think of it. I wandered back to the computers, then went off to look for more movies. I ended up on the beach looking at a rack of TV series discs, many of which were for comics that had never existed, or at least had never been made into TV shows. I was studying a big box set containing discs 5-11 of the 16 disc set of The Tick cartoon series when my dad showed up.


My dad was driving a stretch limo that was bigger, made for the country. He had signed it out of work and he thought that if I liked it, I could keep it and he'd just fudge the books on it. We drove back to where he worked which was an odd amalgamation of my high school and the hotel where my dad actually works. My dad drove straight down a stairway and stopped at the bottom. I wondered how we would be able to get the limp back out onto the street, but I ignored the thought. My dad said that my mom was waiting upstairs. I wandered into the ground floor of the building which was a very bright bar like it was part casino, part tropical resort. Everything was white with gold highlights and chandeliers everywhere. I made my way to a big spiral staircase that would lead me upstairs. Behind the bar was an old co-worker of mine as well as Buster Bluth. When I started climbing the stairs, Buster got on the bar and began to sing.


At the top of the stairs was an enclosed pool area. The pool itself had an impossible design in which it was shaped sort of like a wedding cake with three layers and you could swim up or down to different layers. With nothing else to do, I stirpped to my swim trunks and jumped in the pool. (Oddly, this is where it gets hard to remember. I would have expected to forget bits of the beginning, but that is pretty vivid. It's this ending that I can't remember well.) I was wearing goggles and headphones and searching for someone or something throughout the pool. In the back of my head, I was searching for you, but I never admitted that outright. Eventually, after haviing gone from the bottom layer of the pool to the top and back down, I was about to give up. At some point I had lost my goggles and headphones. I was about to get out of the pool when I saw something on the bottom of the pool. It was my pipe. Confused as hell, went around the edge of the pool and then dove down to get it. When I came up with it, it had been crushed.

I got out of the pool, grabbed my things and started walking out. I knew I was going to a car, but I didn't know if I was going back to the video store or the cabin after that.