3 Things:

1) While I thank Anna enormously for the haircut, it does make the world a little chillier when you don't got no hair.

2) I will own John Hodgman's book The Areas of My Expertise. I will own it as soon as possible, but I refuse to buy it in Canada, because publishers are screwing you people so crazy. The USD price of the book is $21. The CDN price is around $33. Shipping costs be damned, because the populated areas of Canada are so close to the U.S. that it can't cost any more to ship here. And as far as the dollar conversion rate? Fuck, the US dollar is worth about $1.15 Canadian, so the converstion on that book price should put the CDN price at around $24. That extra 10 bucks on the price is pure, unadulterated bullshit.

3) Nintendo has officially named their next-gen console. It was code-named the Nintendo Revolution (which is quite possibly the best name for a game console ever, though not a name that would stand the test of time very well.) Now, the console is name Wii (pronounced "we".) The link I've provided has Nintendo's amazingly thought out reasoning for this name. It's kinda amusing actually, Nintendo put huge amounts of thought into the name of their console while Sony has pumped out Playstation 1, 2, soon 3 and Playstation Portable.